Social Media for restaurants

How to Use Social Media to Improve Restaurant Reservation

It would be foolhardy for restaurants to ignore the power of social media. It is well known social media helps restaurants generate greater number of reservations. The more you optimize social media pages the easier it becomes to increase online restaurant reservations. Here is a look at some simple ways to convert social media pages to a reservation making machine.

Social Media for restaurants

Post attractive pictures on social media platforms

Second, when using social media platforms like Instagram, makes sure you post some attractive and compelling photographs of your restaurant. Be careful that you only upload appetizing pictures of your dishes and also include some nice pictures about the interiors of your restaurant. Pictures of special events should also be uploaded to your social media pages.

Bookings widgets

Use a bookings widget to solve the problem of getting people to make a reservation online. You could even use a unique link across all your social media pages to encourage customers to make an online reservation at your restaurant. Also, try and include automatic SMS reminders to induce your customers to make a booking. This also helps to reduce no-shows and overbookings.

Use Google

Using Google Posts is another good way of improving restaurant reservations. You can use Google Posts to share relevant and new as well as interesting content with everyone that searches for your restaurant on Google. You need to ensure you keep your existing as well as new customers informed about everything your restaurant has to offer. By updating Google Posts, you can keep your customers informed about new items on your menu and special events, and the like.

Create social media profiles

Start by creating a complete social media profile of your restaurant. In your restaurant profile, you need to provide information like operating hours and phone number. Also include your location and other relevant information about your restaurant. When using Facebook, be sure to upload your menu and specify what type of cuisine is offered by your restaurant. Also, provide a place to post reviews and be sure to create a BOOK NOW button that allows people to make bookings at your restaurant.

Provide fresh and updated content

Third, make sure you keep your social media pages updated at all times. The more consistent you are when using social media, the more likely it is customers will consider visiting your restaurant. About three fourths of all purchases made are related to items that were seen on social media. So, make sure you consistently add new content to your social media pages.

Accept online reservations via Facebook Messenger

Use Facebook Messenger to accept online reservations. This will give you an additional means of engaging with your customers. Even using Facebook bots for your Facebook pages is a good idea.


It is also a good idea to use location-based ads as this helps you control when and where your customers get to view your advertisements. You can use Facebook ads manager for this.

Offer Promotions

When using social media, be sure to also offer your customers promotions and also give them a promo code to use at your restaurant. This will give your customers an incentive to make a reservation at your restaurant and it will also attract new customers to your restaurant.

Engage with your customers

Finally, be sure to keep your customers engaged. If your customers leave a review on your Facebook page or if they leave a comment, then you should respond to these to add a human side to your restaurant.H