Food photos for restaurant

How To Post the Best Food Photos on Social Media for Restaurants

Photographs have always played an important role in our lives and today, thanks to the introduction of social media they are playing an even more important role. Almost a trillion photographs are being posted on sites like Instagram on a daily basis. Of these, about a third are related to food. So, if you run a restaurant it is important you get on the social media bandwagon and become visible online. Here is how you can populate social media with the best food photos.

 Food photos for restaurant

Photographs have a universal appeal

Food photos play an important role on social media because these photos are ten times more likely to result in a positive action. Photographs have a universal appeal and so they can be used to promote your restaurant or business. Good quality photographs are known to play an important role in driving sales. Restaurants that fail to post good photographs are generally not very popular. The right photograph creates a good first impression and is good for branding your restaurant.

Keep it Simple

The best way to shoot food photos is by keeping things as simple as possible. You may want to avoid adding too many decorations or props to the main dish as this may take away attention from your main dish. Sometimes, less is more and nowhere is this more evident than when shooting a main dish.

Keep the background simple

Another tip that will help you shoot high quality pictures is to ensure the background is as simple as possible. Backgrounds play a very important part in food photos. So, make sure you choose a background that does not overshadow your subject. Neutral colors are preferable as too is wood.

Shoot from different angles

When taking food photos, try to shoot the same subject from a variety of angles. This is especially important when shooting large amounts of food that take up an entire table. If you are shooting just a drink and dish or a single plate, then try to take a close up shot or you can also think about taking a side shot.

Eliminate hard shadows

When shooting pictures, you need to be very careful about shadows. When taking a photo, try not to shoot the subject if it is going to be marred by dark shadows. Using diffused lights can help eliminate harsh shadows.

Give your photographs a personality

Your dish should be the center of attraction of every food photo. However, you should also think about decorating the pictures so that it has a personality of its own. For this, you may want to add some dry ingredients and cooking utensils to help give your picture some additional and much-needed life.

Shoot in natural light whenever possible

To create outstanding food photos, the first thing you need to do is opt for natural lighting instead of flash. The latter makes your photographs look artificial and hence they do not create a desirable impression in the minds of your customers. To take photos in natural light, you should shoot close to a window which lets in natural light into your restaurant.


Finally, after taking your food photos, you should make the photos more attractive by editing them with software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Also, try to make your food photos as human as possible as then you can connect emotionally with your customers.