Best Online Restaurant Reservation Tools

No matter how professional or well-trained staff a restaurant may have, there are some problems that still may occur! Such as shortage of seating space; eventually leading to loss of many valuable customers.

Worry not! This is where we come in. We will tell you about several Online Reservation tools for your restaurant so that all your precious customers go home satisfied.

Importance of Online Restaurant Reservation Tools

With these tools, you will have a full schedule of all the tables and customers that come-in. It helps in organizing your business and saves a lot of human errors along with the hassle your employees have to go through.

As the customers will be able to reserve their favorite table from the available ones at any time of the day, they will be anxiously waiting to dine in to cherish their time at your restaurant. Through the reservation system, you can remind them of their booking a few hours before, and when they come in, everything would be ready for them. Your customers could not help but be impressed when all this process becomes so easy and hassle-free.

In this High tech age, an online reservation system is a must tool. Alongside all the ease, it also portrays a professional image of the restaurant.

The online reservation system can also be used with other programs for efficient mailing and marketing of your Website.

Listed below are some of the best online Restaurant Reservation tools you need: 

1. Eat App

Eat App is one of the best online reservation software with a large-scale network of high-end restaurants across the globe.  This system takes away the hassle from reservations and provides an easy & effective platform for managing all bookings for your restaurant.

Along with reservations, Eat App also provides a top-notch table management system with many features as well as a strong customer database. The program provides VIP treatment to every customer and makes sure that their preferences are kept in mind during reservations.

It works in a very efficient manner by adding the Eat widget on the restaurant’s Website, and they also help you set it up.

Besides reservation and user-friendly experience, Eat App also adds your restaurant to its website and app. It sends a reminder through SMS so that there are minimal no-shows. In case of a full house, there is a wait-list that is efficiently managed by the program.

2. Yelp Reservations

Yelp is one of the most used tools for online reservations. According to their statistics, 78% of users find restaurants through Yelp. They have successfully dined more than 92 million customers, and more are coming daily.

Yelp boasts a large number of restaurants on its reservation platform and gives a user-friendly experience.

3. Table In

This Website offers a very easy to use customer experience and claim to have 99% client satisfaction. The table provides its own strategies to increase guest capacity, decrease no-shows, and on top of that, it provides you with tips and helps you with improving your restaurant services and much more!

Another golden feature of the Website is the user reviews; it asks the clients of their views about the service, which is visible to other clients and helps them in making food choices. It also helps in improving the services and the overall experience as well.

Other promising features of the Website include social media widgets, online reservations through social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It provides complete statistics of the services a restaurant provides by collecting data constantly and using it productively to enhance the overall purpose.

4. Eveve

Eveve is a very well known website for reservation tasks; it is being used by the biggest restaurants in America. Their services are very appealing, and they mainly focus on long term partnerships with restaurants which helps them create a level of trust with restaurants as well as the customers.

According to Eveve, they serve in four continents and support more than 780 restaurants worldwide. They are the leading reservation software bring used in America.

Eveve is well known for its great customer support and gaining clients trust. In addition to all the services, Eveve has a unique feature that is of Food Blogs. Living in the modern era, Eveve knows how to satisfy the customers and leave no opportunity to get it.

5. Table Agent

Are you new to the restaurant business? Or you cannot afford a fancy online reservation system?

TableAgent is the perfect Website for you! It provides all the basic reservation facilitates including floor reservation and table reservation etc. All this for FREE!

6. OpenTable

OpenTable is also a website for online booking; it works by simply adding the Widget to your Website, or the customer can also visit the OpenTable website to book a reservation for your restaurant.

The Website also offers promising features and has a good reputation among the customers, so you’ll have to worry a lot less about marketing campaigns when you have OpenTable on board.


We have listed some of the best Online Restaurant Reservation tools for you, and you can use any one of the above according to your needs. Some tools are a little expensive as compared to others, and some are absolutely free. Choose the tool according to your need and don’t miss out on such services in this age of technology and competitiveness.

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